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Puparazzi Portraits | Atlanta Pet Photographer | About Me


I love...
that pets have taught me not to take myself too seriously and just enjoy the moment.

that my babies (22 & 24) still stop and give me a kiss or a hug (or both) –just because!

that my life has been full of highs and lows - I've learned that each "high" will be better than the last and so the lows just don't seem to matter much any more!

Dark & Stormy (aka Ginger Beer + Dark Rum).

my 4-legged babies more than I ever thought I could love an animal. I have been accused that I treat them better than I treat my two human babies (and guess who accused me of that?!)

finally know "what I want to do when I grow up!"

everything just a little bit lopsided & funky.

loud music - from alternative to hip-hop (and my guilty pleasure –the 70's).

And, of course, I LOVE photography and I adore dogs & cats so I consider it a gift to be able to be a pet photographer. So when life circumstances changed in 2008, it was clear to me that it was time for me to truly do what I love, period. So here I am.