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Puparazzi Portraits | Atlanta Pet Photographer | FAQS


What is a Puparazzi Session?
A Puparazzi session is a private, one-on-one session with Rupa and it involves a lot of laughs, treats and quite a bit of fun! Once you book your session, I'll send you details on how to prepare for the session so you get the best images possible! On the day of the shoot, I just let the fur baby hang out, we play, sometimes pose a little bit and I just capture the serious or silly personalities of each of them! If you want to jump into a few natural light ones, I am ok with that, too!

Where does the Puparazzi session take place?
My studio sessions are contemporary and fun! Using a High Key backdrop (all white), I create a modern and urban feel to a photo
shoot that no other photographer in Atlanta provides!

I now have a gorgeous Studio space in town and offer my Signature High Key Studio (white background/lighting) set, a Natural Studio set and an Outdoor set! You can select one or all three and we'll plan it accordingly! If you have a senior dog or if there are health issues involved, I will come out toyou to do the session at your home and this will include a mix of outdoor and indoor photographs at your location.
It is all about the fur babies and making sure they are comfortable
and happy!

What happens after my session with you?
Well, usually parents go home and have a big glass of wine cause, well, let's just say, its a lot of fun but they keep us on the move! And then, a few days after your session, you will get a little Sneak Peek on my Blog which will make you laugh, giggle and maybe even cry! I will then follow up with either a private, Online Gallery of images or a private, post consultation where I come out to your home and play a (very fun) DVD slideshow of images from the session.

At this time, I will work with you on your order and even walk through the house with you so if you are considering putting up some great (big) prints, I can create a wall display for you - it's just something I love to do and it let's you truly see what they will look like on your wall! I consider what your purchase to be artwork and a long-term investment, so if it is ok with you, I want to hold your hand through the entire process to ensure that you get what you want and are totally thrilled when it is done!

Rupa, do you photograph cats?
I LOVE cats and yes, I love capturing their unique personalities so much fun! I don't think most people know that my first pet when I was about 20 was a grey Tabby by the name of Pokey he entered my life quite by accident (as they all seem to do!) and he just stayed. He was the love of my life for a very long time! I do recommend that any sessions that include cats/kittens take place at your home I just think we can capture these fur-babies at their best when lazing or playing around in their own environment!

I saw the Wall Displays on your Blog do you charge for these?
I provide complimentary, in-home, design consultations for anyone who has a space they are considering to hang their images and need a little assistance on size, display, prints or maybe even canvas! I will walk you through the process, create a sample and work with you to finalize it so you receive your very own unique wall display! How fun!

What kinds of products do you offer?
Wall prints in a float mount (gorgeous!), canvas or a lustre-coated, mounted prints made for framing! I offer a great price on framing as well and the final product (print and frame) are delivered to you ready to hang!

The DVD slideshow that is presented during our meetings is also another unique product documenting all of your images and because it is made for TV, you can pop it any time and enjoy!

I will be glad to show you all of these when we meet during your post consult so you can touch, feel and know what you love and want to have for your home!

Why PET photography-- most photographers don't want to do dogs, so why do YOU!?
In my About section, I say that pets have come to me and I do believe that as a photographer, I was looking for that niche and never even realized that the niche found me! I honestly have so much FUN when photographing these guys! I will walk away dirty from being all over the ground and on the floor, sometimes my shoes will have stuff laid into them, fur flying left and right and I just laugh because I just love it! I have clients tell me that their dogs are never going to behave, they wont sit, they are just bonkers when it comes to behavior and good luck getting one much less 30! I will admit that it takes patience and a bit of diligence but when it boils down to it, I think it is the fact that I just love the honesty and integrity of all animals and capturing that true nature and personality is a gift that I am just now myself starting to appreciate. So I guess that is why I love and do pet photography!

I have more questions!
How far in advance should I book a session? What kind of clothing should we wear? Should I bring anything to my session? What time should I schedule my session? Please email me at and we'll set up a time to chat and I'll walk you through all of it!

All Puparazzi Portrait sessions are done by appointment only. Please call me at 404-663-0357 or email to book!